We have been quiet lately. Too quiet. To make it up to everyone we have added a new promo piece to our DA site! This piece shows off Gage’s large Witch hunter friend, Scherinder, and his diminutive partner. Hope you guys like it!

So why so quiet? We have been working hard on issue #2. If things stay on track we should see a spring release. This should explain the lack of news updates, updates to Fun & Profit, etc.

Also, We are going to be re-tweaking the forums again. While spam has been kept in check, the user registration captcha has failed pretty poorly. We need to get this settled before anyone has any actual use for them 🙂
Finally, We have been unhappy with the way shipped comics where handled and their ultimate condition. From now on, any shipped comic will come bagged and boarded for the same price as before!

-Keep your head down,

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