Soldiers of Fortune Comics is a small comic book publisher based in New Jersey. We make Ironhorse, Fun & Profit, Blackout, The Badlands, and The Spires. Our books can be found in most local comic shops in northern New Jersey and on this site.

Feel free to contact Recon with any questions, comments, concerns, criticisms, etc. He will point things in the right direction.

The Mercenaries:
Gavin Spector – Owner, Creator, Writer, Letterer, Visionary, Dreamweaver. gavin@sofcomics.com
Ian Dooley – Inks, Designs, Boards, Logos, Mongolian Bear Crusher. ian@sofcomics.com
Angela Fernot – Art, Designs. Blackout #1, Ironhorse #3+ angie@sofcomics.com
Brian Bremer – Maps, signs, misc. Blackout #1, The Badlands #1. brian@sofcomics.com
Jessica Thompson – Story Editor. Ironhorse #1-#5 jess@sofcomics.com
Holly Rorke – Art. Ironhorse #1 – #2 holly@sofcomics.com
Juancho, Miguel Amezquita, Ares Taveras, Alex Castillo – Colors. Blackout #1 juancho@sofcomics.com
John Haas РEditor. Blackout #1, The Badlands #1 john@sofcomics.com
Jerome O. Miller – Art edits. Blackout #1 jerome@sofcomics.com
Recon – Sysop. recon@sofcomics.com