We’ve launched a patreon page! Fans have asked us how they can support us in between releases of the comics with a buck or two. Now they can!

Check it out here: http://www.patreon.com/sofcomics

Besides the rewards listed, if things go well (really, really, really well) we hope to one day lower the cover price or eliminate it totally! We can only dream, eh?Read More →

You may notice things looking a little default around here. I broke something. Maybe that is a sign I should update to a new site? humm…Read More →

Whoops, forgot to update in a long time. Tomorrow! We’ll be at the mini-funnyrama at funnybooks in lake hiawatha from 12-5. Cons that have already passed we were at: East coast comic con Pocono comic expo Boonton steampunk street festival hehe whoops.Read More →