You may notice things looking a little default around here. I broke something. Maybe that is a sign I should update to a new site? humm…Read More →

Whoops, forgot to update in a long time. Tomorrow! We’ll be at the mini-funnyrama at funnybooks in lake hiawatha from 12-5. Cons that have already passed we were at: East coast comic con Pocono comic expo Boonton steampunk street festival hehe whoops.Read More →

Thanks to everyone for coming out and making the garden state comic fest a great time last weekend! Nothing else on the schedule for now but next time you see will we have new books on the stands!Read More →

Whoops, slacking on the updates! Bethlehem and NJ comic/anime con are done. Next place to see us is http://www.gardenstatecomicfest.comRead More →