We decided to upgrade to WordPress 3.0. Due to having WP-United (the phpBB integrator) installed, the upgrade went awry. We had to reinstall WP from scratch and re-upload the database backup. Everything seems to be working at this time except the forums. We will get them back up asap. I am getting a demerit for this one, ReconRead More →

Fun & Profit #3 is up. I know it seems like we say ‘coming soon!’ a lot but we honestly mean it! We have been waiting for the 2nd proof to come back from the printers but there was a one month delay. Not much we can do other than wait. This should be the last one as long as there are no more embarrassing typos. -ReconRead More →

Fun & Profit #2 is up. The proof came back and looks good. Just a few minor page revisions and it will be up for sale soon. -ReconRead More →