Fun & Profit #3 is up. I know it seems like we say ‘coming soon!’ a lot but we honestly mean it! We have been waiting for the 2nd proof to come back from the printers but there was a one month delay. Not much we can do other than wait. This should be the last one as long as there are no more embarrassing typos. -ReconRead More →

Fun & Profit #2 is up. The proof came back and looks good. Just a few minor page revisions and it will be up for sale soon. -ReconRead More →

As some of you may have noticed by now, Fun & Profit #1 has been posted in the web comics setion. Not only that but Ironhorse #1 is currently at the printers. Barring any technical hang ups the proofing process should be done in about two weeks. -ReconRead More →

As you can see I have been busy hacking up the site and making it generally useless. With the new release of WP-united, forums have been integrated into the site but are far from polished. And, yes, I am working on the dual menu problem. 🙂 The first comic strip is almost out but needs a good proofing because spelling correctly is very hard, apperently. The first comic issue will be out ‘soon.’ All the edits are finally in and we just need to talk to some printers about various logistics. Soon. Carry on, ReconRead More →

Yet once again, we’ve decided to trash the site and start over. We tend to over-engineer our sites for some reason and clutter them with features and add-ons that no one ends up using. However, this time we think we are on to something. And in actual comic news: An unavoidable delay has caused the publish date to move back a month or two. Thankfully, the majority of the work is finished on the book so the end is still in sight. I’ll post a permanent link to our DA page as soon as I figure out how to over-engineer this new fangled wazamalzooit. I wonderRead More →